At the cutting edge of the Circular Economy


Facing the challenge of moving toward a zero-impact society will be crucial in the coming years: there will be an increasing focus on assessing companies’ circularity and companies will be asked to find innovative ways to actively contribute to the implementation of the Circular Economy.

TondoLABsimplifies companies’ journeys toward the Circular Economy by sharpening the knowledge about the Circular Economy, by fostering the implementation of new projects within an organization, and by supporting the collaboration between different business actors, like start-ups or research centers.

& Innovative SMEs

Accelerating business development activities, accessing investment funds and sharpening the brand identity, are three main elements to start-up quickly, disrupting clean and circular technologies.

TondoLabboosts sales growth for start-ups and SMEs by leveraging its network, facilitates access to Institutional and Venture Capital funds, and redesigns the brand identity of companies to highlight circularity.