Lead the future by making the world more circular, one circular solution at a time

Assessing circularity

TondoLABconducts an assessment of the current state of circularity by using the recognized methodologies. The assessment identifies all the materials flowing in, through and out of the business at product level or at department level to measure circularity.

By using assessment methodologies developed by international organisations, Tondo carries out an analysis that establishes the type and quantity of materials related to a single product or an entire department. The outcomes are analyzed by Tondo to identify the areas that need to be addressed with a circular solution and to design customised workshops and educational activities in order to encourage the generation of innovative ideas and projects that will improve the level of circularity.

The outcomes are analysed by Tondo to identify the areas that need to be addressed with a circular solution and to design customised workshops and educational activities in order to encourage the generation of innovative ideas and projects that will improve the level of circularity.

Main Sectors

Workshops & Education

TondoLABdesigns customised workshops on Circular Economy with the aim of identifying ideas and projects that can enhance the circularity level of companies and organises classes that contribute to closing companies’ knowledge gaps.

Tondo supports organisations in the identification of Circular Solutions and in the diffusion of knowledge within the organisation offering two main types of services:

1 - Workshops

We develop customised workshops starting with a showcase of the most relevant circular solutions and their business applications. The workshops are used to identify appropriate technologies that are able to foster Circular Economy and circular business models within the company and to define the next steps for their implementation.

2 - Circular Economy Classes

We offer customised classes on the most relevant topics regarding Circular Economy practices in order to fill-in the knowledge gap of companies in specific issues linked to circularity. Classes cover the main market trends, the most relevant players implementing circular solutions, and their potential impact. They can be a great opportunity to identify potential investments or new growth paths.

Designing Circular Solutions

TondoLABsupports the implementation of innovative circular solutions that are able to foster circularity in business activities and production processes. Tondo staff act as project managers by supporting and managing the implementation of these solutions from the idea validation stage to the actual launch in the market, also leveraging its network of entrepreneurs and partners.

TondoLABconducts a cost-benefit analysis of the potential projects identified during workshops activities in order to implement those that have a tangible economic and environmental impact and that are easily scalable. In addition, Tondo identifies all the resources and stages needed for implementing the circular solutions.

After establishing the needs, Tondo evaluates the company in order to establish whether it has the competencies to implement the project internally, or if it needs to search for partners externally.

Innovation Matching

TondoLABidentifies the most relevant circular solutions in specific sectors and selects the most promising start-ups and SMEs to provide the perfect value-creating collaboration between circular innovators and corporations in order to foster Circular Economy.

TondoLABsupports the Innovation Matching activities with two services:

1 - A portfolio of start-ups and SMEs

Our portfolio of start-ups and SMEs are carefully selected companies ready to create value. All the start-ups and SMEs have passed through a validation process, are revenue generating and have already proven their capabilities with other clients. We follow the entire process: from defining the main reasons for the collaboration, through the technical and commercial phase, to the scaling of activities. We support different kinds of collaborations such as the typical supplier relationship, a joint innovation partnership, or a reselling opportunity.

2 - Innovation Services

We identify, validate and set-up value-creating collaborations with relevant start-ups or scale-ups in specific fields of interest, based on the requested capabilities and needs. We develop, through our partnership with Match Maker Ventures, Innovation Services that offer:

  • Tangible impact: we focus on relationships that create high business impact
  • Minimised risk: there is no requirement for a large upfront investment and no need to create a separate investment entity
  • Short time to impact: thanks to the interaction with already validated start-ups and to our expertise, Tondo is able to generate an impact in a short time
  • End-to-end: Tondo follows the activities from the initial setup phase to the scaling of the operations
  • Scalable: the solutions offered are ready to be scaled, thanks to our selection process


TondoLABsupports organisations in the design and implementation of the appropriate communication strategies with the aim of showcasing their Circular Economy approach.

TondoLABhelps companies to better communicate the circular projects they are implementing shaping their communication strategy and approach. In addition, it provides communication support through its own channels such as Tondo’s social media, blog, webinar, newsletter, podcast and Re-think events.

Disruptive trends

TondoLABanalyses the market trends in the Circular Economy and identifies the most relevant, radical and disruptive solutions that are transforming the market, the new and emerging actors, and the best paths for their development.